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Fab@School Designer lets teachers and students create 2D designs, pop-ups, and 3D projects. Designs can be fabricated by hand, with a 2D fabricator, or with a 3D fabricator. As students take their concepts from mindís eye to physical form, they develop important STEM skills and concepts across the curriculum.

  • Inspires students to explore science, technology, engineering, and math, drawing on their knowledge as they "make to learn."
  • Lets teachers and students create bulletin boards, pop-ups, 3D models, boxes and packaging, simple and complex machines, and an infinite number of cross-curricular projects.
  • Engages students with hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for creative collaboration.

Product Features

Fab@School Designer is a software tool that allows teachers and students to design and fabricate, creating classroom materials that support math, science, engineering, language arts, social studies, and other standards. Students have fun exploring STEM concepts as they "make to learn."

Teachers and students can select from ready-made designs, create designs from scratch, or modify designs. Featuring a low-tech/high-tech approach, Fab@School Designer allows users to cut and fold designs by hand, send designs to the Silhouette to cut, score, and perforate fold-lines on paper, cardstock, vinyl, and other material, or fabricate with the Curry/Cornell Fab@School 3D fabricator.

Fab@School Designer links directly to a free online library and collaborative space hosted by the Society for Instructional Technology and Teacher Education (SITE). Teachers and students can tap into an extensive design library and a standards-based curriculum developed by the University of Virginia, with compelling activities and models to jump-start classes and creativity.

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