New Peter H. Reynolds Poster! Creativity, Courage, Collaboration

As a special thanks to all the amazing educators who joined us in celebrating International Dot Day this year — and to ALL the creative, courageous, and collaborative educators moving the world to a better place — Peter H. Reynolds, the Reynolds Center for Teaching Learning, and Creativity, and FableVision Learning are happy to offer this new downloadable poster.

Enjoy! Please let us know how you inspire students to develop these essential 21st Century skills in your classroom.

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Another Great Resource for the National Day on Writing – Peter H. Reynolds’ “Finding the Words That Feel ‘Write’”

Do you sometimes feel “stuck” when it comes to writing? Download a PDF of this article by New York Times best-selling illustrator and author Peter H. Reynolds — he offers great advice on “finding the words that feel write” and reclaiming the joy of writing just for oneself.

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Happy National Day on Writing! 8 Tips to Inspire Students to Write & Other Resources

In honor of the National Day on Writing (October 20), we are re-posting these helpful writing resources for you! Be sure to comment below and let us know how you’re inspiring your students to write — we love hearing what creative educators are doing in the classroom.

Peter H. Reynolds’ 8 Tips for Inspiring Students to Write

In his post “The Brave Heart: Protecting the Passion, Keeping Wings Outstretched for a Daring Journey,” NY Times best-selling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds discusses how the pressure to write “correctly” can cause many beginning writers to pack up their creative wings. Encourage your students to write with wings outstretched! Here are a few quick tips from Peter to inspire bravery in your students.

  1. Step off the path and write with your wings outstretched. Break a rule or two as you go.
  2. Don’t let a jumbled thought stop you — plant it and keep going.
  3. Don’t let a misspelled word slow you down. Go back and attend to it later.
  4. Listen to your inner voice and transcribe what you hear without trying to edit it.
  5. Try writing for yourself. Not for your audience. Try to ignore the critics’ voices you may hear.
  6. Invent a word.
  7. Skip punctuation or invent your own …__…> and see what it feels like.
  8. Borrow an idea from your favorite author and twist it a few times. Turn it inside out. Make it your own!

For more ideas, read Peter’s entire post at our Educational Resources Page. Click on “Sparking the Creative Spirit” and visit the section titled “The Brave Heart.”

Get Students Writing With Our Irresistible Tool to Encourage Writing Stationery Studio Banner

Sometimes a blank page can be intimidating to students. Stationery Studio is an award-winning writing tool that provides over 400 curriculum-based borders and shapes featuring art by Peter H. Reynolds — alldesigned to inspire even the most reluctant writer! Students can type at the computer or print stationery for writing by hand. Teachers can easily customize line width, layout, and fonts to match an individual students’ objectives and writing level. The program also includes incredible cross-curricular activities by Dr. Peggy Healy Stearns, award-winning software designer and educator.

Students love using Stationery Studio to write poems, stories, book reports, letters, essays, and more. To start envisioning the types of projects your students could create with the program, try the free trial with select borders and shapes today!

Great Free Poetry Resources at the Guyku Haiku Website

Guyku Website Home PageMake a point of visiting the Guyku Haiku website, based on the book Guyku: A Year of Haiku for Boys(written by Bob Raczka and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds). FableVision partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to create this playful website, which offers a multitude of fun, free activities and resources for educators who want to spark a passion for poetry in young writers!


What do you do to encourage your students to write? Let us know!


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New Peter H. Reynolds Posters! The Most Creative Year The World Has Ever Seen

At FableVision Learning, we’re more confident than ever that the educational climate is changing for the better — with more creativity in the classroom, more outside-the-box thinking, and more self-directed learning. In that spirit, Peter H. Reynolds whipped up these two posters. Inspire your students to make this the most creative year the world has ever seen!

Here’s a ready-to-go colored poster from Peter:

Peter H. Reynolds Poster: This Will be the Most Creative Year the World Has Ever Seen

With this black and white version, have students add their own colors and art — and be sure to have them sign it, too!

Peter H. Reynolds Poster: This Will be the Most Creative Year the World Has Ever Seen

These posters will be available for free until October 6, 2013. After that you’ll be able to find them in the growing collection of printable posters in our online store.

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The School District of Palm Beach County is Celebrating Dot Day District-Wide!

International Dot Day participation has soared above 1,252,000 teachers and students as of today, September 14th. WOW! We are so thankful to all of the educators around the world joining us in celebrating creativity this year.

We were thrilled to find out that the School District of Palm Beach County is holding a district-wide celebration of Dot Day this year. The school district is the 11th largest in the continental U.S., with more than 176,700 students. John Long, Technology Program Specialist, organized this tremendous creative endeavor — and he was kind enough to send us this Dot Day flyer he shared with his creative technology staff and colleagues. The flyer features activity ideas, links to resources, tips for getting started, and more. It might give you some great ideas for how your district can celebrate next year!

The School District of Palm Beach County has several groups facilitating events from kindergarten all the way up through 12th grade. John is collecting photos, stories, and videos for their “dot”-cumentary (we can’t wait to see it!). John even created a website for their district initiative.

We’ve already started receiving cool stories and videos from John, but the celebrations will continue on for some time. According to John, “We are stretching Dot Day from September 15th-ish to be more like Dot Week.”

We are so inspired by John’s district, and by all the other districts and schools who are making their mark this September. Please consider sharing your school or district’s story in the comments below!

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