Happy International Dot Day!

We are wishing you the best this Dot Day! Thank you for celebrating creativity and bravery with your students. Continue inspiring them to make their mark.

Click below to watch Peter make his mark for you this Dot Day!

Enjoy the newest resource for Dot Day! Keep your place while reading The Dot and other books with bookmarks. Click below to download your Dot Day bookmarks today!
Dot Day Bookmarks

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Around the World on Dot Day

Child with the WorldInternational Dot Day is celebrated in many different countries around the world. As of today, there are participants in 81 countries that will be making their mark on September 15th-ish!

As of today, participants will be celebrating in the following countries:

Netherlands, Romania, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Egypt, Estonia, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago, Gambia, Turkey, Guatemala, Ecuador, Iraq, Philippines, Tanzania, Panama, Peru, Oman, Taiwan, Cyprus, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Norway, Honduras, Morocco, Kenya, Croatia, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Kuwait, Ethiopia, Uganda, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Pakistan, Bolivia, Austria, Jamaica, Vietnam, Thailand, Albania, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Portugal, Indonesia, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Brazil, Jordan, France, Russia, Mexico, India, El Salvador, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Poland, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Venezuela, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Iran, United States of America, and Canada!

Dot Day World Map

We love that we are able to celebrate creativity and bravery with participants circling the globe that speak many different languages. Coming together on this special day inspires us to continue to spread the message of The Dot.

Click here for FREE posters created by Peter H. Reynolds in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Enjoy this special addition of the International Dot Day Resource Guide written
in Portuguese!

International Dot Day Portuguese Guide


Also check out this video created by Beatriz Montero reading El Punto in Spanish.


Share Facebook and Twitter

Connect the dots with us on Facebook and Twitter! Continue to share the message of bravery and creativity with your educator friends.
Use #DotDay to connect with educators around the world celebrating Dot Day!

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Make Your Mark in the News for Dot Day!

News Flash BoySpread the news far and wide about your participation in Dot Day! This template makes it easy for you to spread the buzz about Dot Day across your town, city, state, province, or country. All you have to do is simply fill in the information for you and your school or organization where there is orange text in the Word Document below.

The Dot Day press release form addresses the special meaning of
The Dot and its importance in encourage students to be brave and make their mark. This Dot Day, make an impact not only in your classroom and school, but celebrate this day with the many people in your area by being featured on the news, in the paper, or on the radio.

Be brave — and make your mark in the news!

Click here to download the Microsoft Word Press Release form

Dot Day Press Release Form

We appreciate your support in helping spread the mission of creativity.
Thank you for sharing and celebrating Dot Day! thedotclub.org

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The Bouncing Dot Music Video

There are dozens of ways to conduct your Dot Day celebration! This September 15th-ish celebrate with “The Dot Song.” Singer-songwriter Emily Dale collaborated with Peter H. Reynolds to create this beautiful melody inspired by The Dot and International Dot Day!

Listen and sing along to this uplifting tune about creativity! FableVision Studios developed this amazing animation to engage your students with this captivating song. Peter has created this free handwritten lyric sheet for you to share with your students and encourage them to Make Their Mark this Dot Day.

The Bouncing Dot Official Music Video for The Dot Song from FableVision Learning on Vimeo.

The Dot Song Lyric Sheet

Want to perform this song at your school? Visit FableVision Learning’s store for The Dot Song bundle – which includes the lyric MP3, a non-vocal MP3, chord sheets, and the free lyric sheet. Enjoy!

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Superhero Educators of Dot Day

3 Photos of Superhero Dot Day Projects

International Dot Day would not be possible without amazing educators around the world. We would like to take the time to put these superhero educators of International Dot Day in the spotlight. A sincerest thank you from your FableVision friends for incorporating this special day in your classroom.

Are you looking for more ways to make your Dot Day celebration one that your students will never forget? Click on each superhero to connect with him/her via twitter and for more creative ideas. Also check out their blogs for great ways to celebrate Dot Day with your class. Discover amazing activities on our Pinterest and find resources to enhance your September 15th-ish on our Dot Day Tools Page.

Matthew Winner Dot Quote

Matthew Winner: The Busy Librarian Blog
Shannon Miller: The Library Voice Blog
John LongPalm Beach Dot-cumentary
Kim Howell
Gretchen Welk

Cristol Kapp: Cristol’s Pinterest
Maryann Molishus: EraserTown USA Blog
Sarah Staudt
Carrie Hillman
Cathy Potter
Dot Day Video
Erika Victor
Diane Cordell: Seeing Spots…and Dots
Melvina Kuraschige
Delyn BeardBlog
Kathy Schmidt:
Dot Day Video
Sherry GickThe Library Fanatic
Allison Jackson
William Chamberlain
Esther Uribe
Rutledge Library Blog
Tammy Parks: Dot Day at Howe Public Schools
Karen McMillanNotes from McTeach Blog
John Schumacher
: Watch. Connect. Read. Blog
Andrea KellerThe Local Musings of a Busy Bee
Amy Kline
Dot Day on NBC26
Shannon Smith: YouTube Video
Edie Crook: Article in Gaston Gazette
Valerie Byrd Fort: Library Goddess Blog
Erin Broderick: Ms. Broderick’s Book Blog
Suzy Brooks: Fourth Graders Dreaming Big Blog
Katherine Sokolowski: Read, Write, Reflec
Summer Len DiamondInspired Adventures in Teaching
Louise Morgan: Mrs. Morgan’s Superstars Blog
Jenny Lussier: Durham-Middlefield Patch Article
Misti Sikes: Monroe County Reporter Article
Erin OlsonMonroe County Reporter Article
Heather Fox: The Library Voice Blog
Judy Arzt: Integrating Technology and Literacy
Donna Sullivan MacDonald: Animoto
Donna Romalino: NJ.Com story
Laurie Yocom: NCompass Live
Andy Plemmons: Barrow Media Center
Shawna Ford: Curtis Elementary
Jennifer Reed: Reederama
Dawn Hallman
Adam Randall:
Make Your Mark
Alice Gentili: Augmented Reality
Julie Hembree: Bell Bulldog Readers

Are you a Dot Day Superhero too? Let us know the creative activities you do with your class to celebrate bravery and creativity. Or nominate a friend that goes above and beyond for their September 15th-ish celebration.

Submit nominations by:

  1. Email to Terry Shay, our FableVision Lead Ambassador and the teacher that started International Dot Day.
  2. Or Twitter @FableLearn.
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